Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photo projects

     So I have had an idea for a photo project for a long time, can I pull it off?  The Samsung is on it's last leg and I would not describe it as a photographers camera.   I do not have formal training, and I know that can be a sore spot with professional photographers, but I feel like I have natural talent and I don't need the most current technology to agree with me.  I have had photographs published in newspapers and in an art show, but what I want to do has little to do with recognition and more to do with my passion.  I have a photograph of Frida Kahlo in my kitchen.  I adore her, but this photograph is brilliant, it is her.  It expresses her inner most self, her struggles and her pain and sorrow.  I feel so much looking at it and it inspires me.  I am using that photograph as inspiration in pursuing my project and I am hoping that my art will be received in the world with open arms.  I am currently using myself and my children as models/subjects but hopefully I will be able to use and find other women able and willing.

A small taste of what is coming.

I am so excited and inspired, when I am done I hope you are too!