Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nearly Fall

Here we are with the sunlight dwindling, the apples ripened, the leaves are beginning to turn colors and fall.  I am hoping to meet that spirit, to find the ability to focus on the day, the rhythm.  I want to experience with intention the changes and the approaching darkness and create a sense of connection to all of this for the kids.  I am wondering where do I pull the energy to do so?  How do I find the space and time and passion again?  I seldom have the time alone to figure out the direction, or plan, or create.  I think the first place that must be drawn upon is my self rejuvenation.  This time of year as daylight hours decrease, our life essence dims and we are prone to weak wills, or weak immune systems.   I want to plan something and watch it bloom, watch it explode into creation.  I want the energy to follow through, the focus and drive to commit to the experience.   I am going to draw upon the sentiment of the traditional Waldorf festival of Michaelmas.  A true time to hold your inner light, to make sure you stoke the inner fires to allow you the sustenance to withstand the darkness that approaches.   Fires, apples, dragon bread, stories, nature walks, leaves and acorns all become the element of the season that is fast upon us.  May we all find the experience in the whirling leaves and the cool fall breezes, in the warm cup of tea and the early evening darkness.  Happy nearly fall.