Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nearly Fall

Here we are with the sunlight dwindling, the apples ripened, the leaves are beginning to turn colors and fall.  I am hoping to meet that spirit, to find the ability to focus on the day, the rhythm.  I want to experience with intention the changes and the approaching darkness and create a sense of connection to all of this for the kids.  I am wondering where do I pull the energy to do so?  How do I find the space and time and passion again?  I seldom have the time alone to figure out the direction, or plan, or create.  I think the first place that must be drawn upon is my self rejuvenation.  This time of year as daylight hours decrease, our life essence dims and we are prone to weak wills, or weak immune systems.   I want to plan something and watch it bloom, watch it explode into creation.  I want the energy to follow through, the focus and drive to commit to the experience.   I am going to draw upon the sentiment of the traditional Waldorf festival of Michaelmas.  A true time to hold your inner light, to make sure you stoke the inner fires to allow you the sustenance to withstand the darkness that approaches.   Fires, apples, dragon bread, stories, nature walks, leaves and acorns all become the element of the season that is fast upon us.  May we all find the experience in the whirling leaves and the cool fall breezes, in the warm cup of tea and the early evening darkness.  Happy nearly fall.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Free Weekend in the Fort

Friday is First Friday.  From 6:00pm-9:00pm come and tour the downtown art galleries and museums.  Also a performance at 8:00 pm at the Oak Street Plaza by Bloco em FoCo an Afro-Brazilian drum ensemble.   Free!

Saturday is free drop off at CSU of household hazardous waste.  http://www.fcgov.com/naturalresources/hazwaste.php?key=hazwaste

Saturday from 1:30pm- 10:30 pm in downtown is the Global Village Museum World Rhythm's event.  Performances representing sounds from around the world such as the Celtic group, Lalla Rockh or the West African dance and drumming troop Fale.  I started taking Fale's dance class last September after years of saying, "I want to do that someday."  Someday is fabulous.  This will be a fabulous event.  Oh, and did I mention? Free!!  

Just a few things we will be doing this weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adventures in Smoothies

1 banana
1 bag frozen strawberries
handful of frozen blueberries and raspberries
a few pinches of fennel
fresh grated ginger


Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Bug

After repeated rounds of illness over the last few months, and more TV watching than I had all of last year, I have caught another bug. The home improvement bug. Repeated episodes of hoarders, Fly Lady videos, Clean Sweep, etc.. have let me excited for the cleaning and organizing yet to come. There IS an IKEA run in my near future. I will be sticking to a budget, but I have the startdust in my eyes. OR maybe that is just dust from the future spring/deep cleaning that will commence as soon as I get better.

All this anticipated joy reminded me of how much easier it is to keep my home clean now that my kids are older. It has always been a challenge to express to others how challenging it is when you have kids, or more than one kid, or young kids. It is just hard to imagine the amount of exhausting work that you entail just caring for the kids, let alone cleaning up after them or having any ability to organize, deep clean, or even daily clean. I have never known a parent who found this an easy challenge. (There is a reason Fly Lady is so popular by moms everywhere.) If you prioritize your children, you sacrifice the home.....and that is okay. Better news, it passes, they grow older (sniff) and you have more time to clean and purge, and organize. So, have some sympathy or better yet, empathy for parents of young children. When they have a messy home, congratulate them on their excellent parenting and then go do their dishes and watch the babies while they go take a nap!!

This post is from my old blog. A reminder of days-of-toddler-mess past. http://www.crazybusymomma.blogspot.com/2008/04/my-little-angel.html

Monday, February 13, 2012

Over illness

Homeschooling, remodeling, college, volunteering, working, self employed with two businesses. All seemingly unmanageable, but possible.....unless your family is sick for three months. Since October, we have had but two week respites from illness, total, and maybe not even that. In fact, I am not sure I have felt good since September. I seem to have an unbeatable sinus infection. We just finished a bout with Whooping cough, which meant isolation and antibiotics. I did not have pertussis but had to take the preventative round of antibiotics. I finished the round of antibiotics and immediately got sick. Modern medicine does not do well for me and I am so tired of getting hurt by it. Cabin fever, kid fever, friend deprivation fever, 103 degree fever, I am really fed up with fevers!!! Our diet, our level of consciousness for our health are optimal. My stress, not so much. I am clearly having a day/week/month/winter that is taxing. Summer is around the corner, spring is even nearer so I will focus on the positive that in a few months this will all be behind me.
The new plan:
Think healthy thoughts.
Go to bed before 10:00. (No matter what job, or volunteer position, or person you are letting down)
Yoga three times a week.
African dance once a week.
A salad for lunch every day.
Start a new workout class, Nia perhaps? Another dance class?
Meditation every morning.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Blues

This is one of our favorite spots. Even in winter, midst the greys and browns and blues, there is a serene beauty. This is a very public spot, in the middle of town and yet it still feels like a secluded refuge.

A perfect spot for building ice dragons.

For sand fortresses.

For taking the time to enjoy family and sunshine.

Fairy boats set sail in peaceful waters spurred on by the imaginations of creation.

Hidden treasures are discovered.

And we celebrate the moment of winter that allows us to relish in the light and the ice.

Daddy finds a hidden talent.

And Mommy discovers, well......rediscovers that moment.

Thank you January.

Waldorf-inspired Public School Offers a New Choice for Families in Fort Collins

Mountain Sage Community School is a free, public, charter school inspired by Waldorf education and sustain

able living. Approved by the Poudre School District Board of education October 2011, Mountain Sage is set to open in fall 2012. The school will serve K-4 students in its first year of operation, and will grow by one grade each year until becoming a K-8 school.

Mountain Sage is currently accepting Intent to Enroll forms for K-4 students and will be hosting a final informational enrollment event on Tuesday February 7th, 2012 from 6-7pm.

This event offer the opportunity to learn more, get involved, have your questions answered and meet the founders.

The informational enrollment event will be held on February 7th, at The Gardens on Spring Creek (2145 Centre Avenue, Fort Collins 80526) in the Evelyn Clark classroom from 6-7pm.

Created by parents and educators in Fort Collins, Colorado, Mo

untain Sage is dedicated to education that respects the creative journey of childhood. Waldorf-inspired education integrates the arts (music, movement, story, drawing and more) into the learning process of all academic subjects, offering students an experience that fully engages and empowers them. Waldorf-inspired education offers a time-tested, research based approach that enables each student to reach their highest academic and creative potentials. Sustainable living practices are fully integrated into school life to offer children the powerful experience of stewardship and positive community action.

To learn more visit www.mountainsagecommunityschool.org