Monday, February 13, 2012

Over illness

Homeschooling, remodeling, college, volunteering, working, self employed with two businesses. All seemingly unmanageable, but possible.....unless your family is sick for three months. Since October, we have had but two week respites from illness, total, and maybe not even that. In fact, I am not sure I have felt good since September. I seem to have an unbeatable sinus infection. We just finished a bout with Whooping cough, which meant isolation and antibiotics. I did not have pertussis but had to take the preventative round of antibiotics. I finished the round of antibiotics and immediately got sick. Modern medicine does not do well for me and I am so tired of getting hurt by it. Cabin fever, kid fever, friend deprivation fever, 103 degree fever, I am really fed up with fevers!!! Our diet, our level of consciousness for our health are optimal. My stress, not so much. I am clearly having a day/week/month/winter that is taxing. Summer is around the corner, spring is even nearer so I will focus on the positive that in a few months this will all be behind me.
The new plan:
Think healthy thoughts.
Go to bed before 10:00. (No matter what job, or volunteer position, or person you are letting down)
Yoga three times a week.
African dance once a week.
A salad for lunch every day.
Start a new workout class, Nia perhaps? Another dance class?
Meditation every morning.


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