Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Bug

After repeated rounds of illness over the last few months, and more TV watching than I had all of last year, I have caught another bug. The home improvement bug. Repeated episodes of hoarders, Fly Lady videos, Clean Sweep, etc.. have let me excited for the cleaning and organizing yet to come. There IS an IKEA run in my near future. I will be sticking to a budget, but I have the startdust in my eyes. OR maybe that is just dust from the future spring/deep cleaning that will commence as soon as I get better.

All this anticipated joy reminded me of how much easier it is to keep my home clean now that my kids are older. It has always been a challenge to express to others how challenging it is when you have kids, or more than one kid, or young kids. It is just hard to imagine the amount of exhausting work that you entail just caring for the kids, let alone cleaning up after them or having any ability to organize, deep clean, or even daily clean. I have never known a parent who found this an easy challenge. (There is a reason Fly Lady is so popular by moms everywhere.) If you prioritize your children, you sacrifice the home.....and that is okay. Better news, it passes, they grow older (sniff) and you have more time to clean and purge, and organize. So, have some sympathy or better yet, empathy for parents of young children. When they have a messy home, congratulate them on their excellent parenting and then go do their dishes and watch the babies while they go take a nap!!

This post is from my old blog. A reminder of days-of-toddler-mess past.

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