Sunday, February 10, 2013

Semi-Media free month

Goals for the month of Feb:
1.  The kids get absolutely no screen time (either peripheral through my use of the computer, or their direct watching of shows.)
2.   I find other ways, healthier ways of escapism.  No FB and TV to use as a distraction.

I am allowing myself email and the occasional blog post.  I quite frankly don't have time for anything else, but I was always making time for TV and FB.

Anyways, we shall see how it goes.  It was easy at first, lots to do, but the evenings are increasingly difficult.  I would like to relax and watch a TV show, veg out.  Instead I am reading, going to bed earlier some nights, and talking with Nick on the nights he isn't working (which are few and far between).  I am finding that my desire for avoidance is primarily in any issues related to talking with Nick about finances or future.  I would just rather not.  So this should be good for me, force me up against the things that are currently causing the most discomfort.  I was expecting this, I anticipated it and I wanted the uncomfortable 
What hasn't happened that I was expecting was the release of time.  I thought that I would have more time for homeschooling and homeschool planning, housework, life planning, cooking, etc...   I am finding this is not the case!  At least not yet, and I am surprised.  I assumed that giving up the time from using FB and TV would free me up to do other things, but since I used those things mostly in the evening after kids went to bed I am finding mostly that I am just plain too tired to do anything else after they go to bed, still!

My preconceived notions came from past media free experiments.   I went 9 mo. without FB (which is so silly isn't it? that this is an accomplishment).  And I have done truly media free months (usually once a year), so perhaps that was the difference.  Maybe what I am doing right now, by typing this, is the next piece that is not giving me my time back.  If I had the ability to give the email up that would equal a failing or resigning of my current obligations and roles for work, so it isn't possible but I am trying to minimize it.  And I absolutely will not check email when the kids are awake or around.

Well...this is not the end or even the middle, perhaps I will find a bit more time yet.
In the meantime, this is my current entertainment:

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  1. glad you are doing ok. there will always be something to keep us busy that is for sure!